Officials, Friends & Patrons

Here is a list of the orchestra's Officials, the Committee, our President, Vice-Presidents and our Friends & Patrons

The Orchestra Committee and President are elected by the members at each Annual General Meeting.  A Vice-President is an honour given to someone to whom the orchestra wishes to express special appreciation and is an appointment that is given for life.

Our Friends are people who choose to support the orchestra by paying an annual donation in return for certain benefits, including a discounted ticket to each of our concerts.

Our Patrons can either be individuals or Companies who offer their financial support to the Orchestra by way of sponsorship, in return for certain benefits e.g. complimentary tickets and advertising, in proportion to the package chosen.

If you would like to become a Friend or Patron of the Orchestra, see ‘Join us’.

Orchestra Officials & Committee

Chairman Derek Kemp
Secretary Fiona O’Neill
Treasurer Mary Everson
Conductor Rupert Bond
Orchestra Leader Floriane Peycelon
Concert Manager Vacant Position
Librarian Lindsay Powell-Williams
Other Committee Marilyn Lewis
  Alison White
  Catherine Gisby

Clare Mackay

President & Vice-Presidents

President Mrs Celia Blakey
Vice-Presidents Mrs Gwen Baker
  John & Deni Bateson
  Mrs Freda Bowden
  Mrs Denella Brunette
  Michael & Janice Foad
  Graham Harvey
  Derek Kemp
  Andrew Lowen
  Mrs Clare Mackay
  Lynn Woods
Buzzlines Travel
Cascade Insurance Services Ltd
Fell Reynolds
David Snow Opticians
Peter Kemp Building Contractors
Black & White Financial Services
Friends of the Orchestra
Ron Chatburn
Roger & Lynn Clarke
Marigold Deveson
Graham Gordon
Brian Gould
Alan Harden
Marcelle Hignett
Derek Hodgon
Roy & Beryl Knight
Michael Lennard
Duncan Lord
Sandra Mitchell
Felicity Murray
Stephen & Jill O'Neill
Christine Pledger
Paul & Margaret Rees
Dennis Smith
Kenneth Tee
Christopher Tomlin
Ross & Cilla Winters

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