SE Kent Concert Dates


Below are Concert Dates for the following SE Kent Music Societies & other important local music events:


Abbreviation                 Music Society

Ashford Choral              Ashford Choral Society

Canterbury Orchestra    The Canterbury Orchestra

Dover Choral                 Dover Choral Society

Folkestone Choral         Folkestone Choral Society

FHOS                          Folkestone Symphony

Manwood Singers         The Manwood Singers

Saltwood Choral            Saltwood Choral Society

Old Harveians               Old Harveians Association


Please click on the Society name to view their website for further details of each concert listed.


Venues in full:

Colyer-F Hall      - Colyer-Fergusson Hall, University of Kent

Faversham         - West Faversham Community Centre

Holy Trinity         - Holy Trinity Church, Folkestone

Leas Cliff Hall     - Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone

Roger Manwood  - Sir Roger Manwood School

Saga Pavilion     - Saga Pavilion, Sandgate

St Eanswythe     - St Eanswythe's Church, Folkestone

St Leonard's       - St Leonard's Church, Hythe

St Mary’s Ash     - St Mary’s Church, Ashford

St Mary's Sand   - St Mary's Arts Centre, Sandwich

Parish Church    - Saltwood Parish Church

Town Hall           - Town Hall, Dover

URC                  - United Reformed Church, Folkestone

Harvey Grammar - Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone


Note: All Concerts will start at 7.30pm unless stated otherwise.


Date                          Given by (+ details)                               Venue (see above)



19th Nov        (Sat)       Dover Choral - Bach Christmas Oratorio        Town Hall

19th Nov        (Sat)       Ashford Choral - Elgar, Dream of Gerontius   Colyer-F Hall

26th Nov        (Sat)       Folkestone Choral - Carmina Burana             Saga Pavilion

3rd Dec         (Sat)        Ellen Kent Opera 'Aida'                               Leas Cliff Hall

10th Dec        (Sat)       Manwood Singers                                       St Mary's Sand

10th Dec        (Sat)       Saltwood Choral - Christmas Concert            Parish Church

11th Dec        (Sun 3.30pm)  FHOS Family Christmas Concert           Saga Pavilion

11th Dec        (Sun)       Bayle Music                                               St Eanswythe



28th Jan         (Sat)      Oare String Orchestra                                    Faversham

12th Feb        (Sun)     Bayle Music                                                  St Eanswythe

18th Feb         (Sat)     RPO - Mendelssohn Scottish Symphony          Leas Cliff Hall

12th March     (Sun)     Bayle Music                                                  St Eanswythe

25th March     (Sat)      Dover Choral - Haydn 'The Seasons'                Town Hall

25th March     (Sat)      Old Harveians - The Brigade of Gurkha Band    Harvey Grammar

1st April          (Sat)      FHOS - Shostakovich Symphony No.1             Holy Trinity

1st April          (Sat)      Ashford Choral                                              Colyer-F Hall

14th April        (Fri)       Folkestone Choral - an all Brahms programme  Leas Cliff Hall

15th April       (Sat 5pm)  Bayle Music - J S Bach St John Passion        St Eanswythe

20th April       (Thurs)   Ellen Kent Opera 'La Boheme'                         Leas Cliff Hall

29th April       (Sat)      Oare String Orchestra                                     Faversham

6th May         (Sat)      Saltwood Choral - Spring Concert                     Parish Church

19th - 21st May (Fri - Sun)  Sacconi Chamber Music Festival                St Eanswythe

18th June       (Sun)     Bayle Music                                                   St Eanswythe

1st July          (Sat)      Folkestone Choral - Dvorak 'Mass in D'             St Leonard's

8th July          (Sat)      FHOS - C Franck Symphony in D Minor            Holy Trinity

9th July          (Sun)     The Grier Trio                                                 St Leonard's

29th July        (Sat)      FHOS - Folkestone Festival Prom                    Leas Cliff Hall

23rd Sept       (Sat)      Oare String Orchestra                                     Faversham

18th Nov         (Sat)      Dover Choral - Handel 'Messiah'                      Town Hall



27th Jan         (Sat)      Oare String Orchestra                                     Faversham

28th April       (Sat)       Oare String Orchestra                                     Faversham

22nd Sept      (Sat)       Oare String Orchestra                                     Faversham


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